Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What is an NFT?

A: NFT is the abbreviation of Non-Fungible Tokens a technology based on cryptocurrencies that allows you to have something electronic but unique, such as a picture, a collection, a card, a signature, etc.

Q: What is the advantage of an NFT?

A: There is a vast world of possibilities and advantages for NFTs since each one is unique and unbreakable. We believe that one of the best advantages of the NFT technology is that it brings us the possibility to carve something in the stone that is, once you have it, that can be yours forever no one (even you) will be able to change it.

Q: Are PWT collections unlimited?

A: It will depend on the Collection. If there is a Limited Edition mark on it then yes it will have a limited number of NFTs available. If there is not a limitation, PWT will always continue to create cards in accordance with the users demand.

Q: How can I buy NFTs?

A: There are several marketplaces where you can find people trading NFTs. However, you should have a CryptoWallet, funded with the correct cryptocurrency, to purchase a certain NFT. Here at PWT, we use the NFT International Bank to make transactions possible with common payment method, such as PayPal, Credit Cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay

Q: After the partnership with the NFT International Bank, may I have my own NFT in my wallet?

A: Absolutely! The Bank just acts like a bank, but with no fees for PWT users. You can request a transfer of the NFT to your Crypto Wallet whenever you want, 100% free of charge. Our team will complete the transfer in 48 business hours. Please note that, once you withdraw your NFT from PWTs platform, the statistics at the website will no longer be counted.

Q: If I transfer the NFT to my Crypto Wallet, will I be able to see it in my PWT Website Account (PWT Wallet)?

A: Yes, but it will be marked as withdrawn, meaning that there will be no Certificate of Property associated with it. This is because, after the transfer is successful and the NFT is being held by its owner's Crypto Wallet, PWT will no longer have any relation with this asset and the Certificate of Property will no longer be needed (and no longer be valid).

Q: Does PWT has any declared Political preference?

A: PWT has no preference whatsoever. Our team, on the other hand, is formed by people that think different but they are not allowed to share their preferences in any association with the PWT entity. Therefore, PWT is absolutely neutral in every single collection available at the website.

Q: Which Cryptocurrency is associated your PWT's NFTs?

A: We will use any secure crypto to create our collections and we may change it depending on the costs and security factors involved at creation time. So far, Polygon Matic was used for all available collections.

Q: Why Polygon Matic?

A: Because it is safe enough and has lower fees for transactions. Therefore, since we have low-cost NFTs, low transactions fees are very important!

Q: May I sell the NFTs that I have purchased from you?

A: Sure! It is your NFT – you can do whatever you want with it. We just remember that, for selling it, you have first to have it in your own Crypto Wallet (by requesting a withdraw to

Q: If I buy an NFT from PWT, will I receive it in my Crypto Wallet right after I buy it?

A: No – you can request a transfer to our team, and they will send it to the indicated Crypto Wallet in 48 business hours.

Q: Ok, if it is not in my Crypto Wallet, where the heck is my NFT?

A: It is safely stored in one of the NFT International Bank Wallets, which was hired by PWT in order to serve our users. This is to make possible the easy payment methods and transactions of the NFTs. Both PWT and NFT International Bank will guarantee your ownership of such NFT via an online Certificate of Property, which will be securely stored in Bank's servers and backed up in PWT's server.

Q: Who guarantees that this Bank will not steal my NFT?

A: This has the same logic of the Bank you deposit your money. You must choose reliable banks to deposit your money. We have chosen NFT International Bank for you. Do not worry, the Bank will never mislead you and PWT is also part of such guarantee when you have a valid Certificate of Property. The success of NFT International Bank relies on its respectful reputation – which directly depends on being 100% correct and, of course, respecting laws and regulations, such as all normal Banks around the world. And if you are curious: just like PWT, the NFT International Bank follows the United Kingdom Laws and Regulations.

Q: PWT shows some Races and Statistics of rival collections, such as, for example, Republicans and Democrats – And if someone, at once, purchases 20 thousand NFTs of one of those collections, won

A: No! Users are more than welcome to purchase as many NFTs as they want – that is the reason we have created different cards for each collection. Nevertheless, for Race resulting purposes, the statistics consider the Unique Supporters of each collection – meaning that the numbers considered in the Races will only increase when a new user acquires an NFT (either by purchasing it or accepting one as a gift from another PWT user). In other words, if one single user buys 20 thousand Republican Tokens, the statistics related to its Race (which is against the Democrats) will increase by only one - such one corresponds exactly to this one single user. In this same example, the number of the Republican NFTs in circulation, however, will increase by the one 20 thousand units that were acquired by this user (without affecting Race statistics).

Q: Ok and if a user creates 20 thousand accounts and buys one per account?

A: : Separate accounts won't have any discount for acquiring more than one card, therefore, such user will have to spend almost 80 thousand dollars for that – and also a lot of time, since a robot will not be able to create accounts because we have the OTP Code tool activated for new email registrations and we also increase monitoring the site when we believe that robots are trying to do something wrong here.

Q: And if someone buys 100 NFTs and send them as gifts to other users? Will those users be considered for the Unique Supporters statistics on the Races?

A: : PWT encourages people to acquire as many NFTs as they want. Again: that is the reason behind the creation of several different cards in each collection. Also, users who purchase more than 1 NFT are more than encouraged to offer them as gifts to his friends (or enemies) in a very easy, fast and friendly way at the PWT platform. The person who receives the offer of such gift (by WhatsApp, email or social medias) will have the option to accept or decline it. Should the person accept it, our system will request a quick registration (Facebook/Google/Apple or email registration) and the user will create the account which will already have the accepted NFT in its gallery. Once the new account is created in this process then, yes, the Unique Supporters statistics of the Race involving the gifted card will increase by one.

Q: May I stay with my NFT in my PWT account forever? Will I have any costs?

A: You can have it forever and no costs whatsoever in addition to the price you have paid!

Q: And if the website terminates?

A: This is extremely far away of our most pessimist conceived terrible plan. However, supposing this happens one day, we will notify our users to request a withdraw of their NFTs and we will give them at least one year to do that.

Q: So, the NFT that I buy here will definitively be mine?

A: : Absolutely yours! The Certificate of Property will always be activated, with your name, up until you request us to transfer the NFT to your Crypto Wallet.

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